Business Agility Overview


I regularly talk with organizations that have invested in agile transformation and felt they didn’t receive the promised value from all of their work. Often it’s because they didn’t extend the agile transformation far enough to get the value they desired.

Value Stream

The value stream represents the entire process and groups required to bring value to market. Often this extends beyond development, however most agile transformations begin and end with the development organization. When you zoom out and look at the system in it’s entirely you’ll get a better picture of where the bottlenecks actually exist. It’s not uncommon to find that it may take 6-12 months to get a business case approved and 3-6 months to actually execute against that business case. In this example the real cycle time is 18 months. Knowing this allows you to put effort where the most return in value is.

Business Agility

Moving toward true “business agility” means taking a look at the way work flows through the organization and working to ensure the entire company is structured to deliver small increments of value while pivoting as needed to get more value. This whole organization approach ensures the agile ecosystem is able to function as efficiently as possible allowing true disruptive innovation and increased speed to market. It takes this strategic focus to ensure you optimize the flow from concept to cash.

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