Celebrate wins to maintain your momentum

Transformation is hard it takes a lot of effort from a large number of people over a long time. It's human nature to point out challenges, and in an Agile environment those challenges are often more visible than they would have been previously. While it's good to recognized improvements are necessary it's also important to take time and remember things are improving. To sustain your transformation you need to focus on celebrating wins and building momentum

Celebrate Individuals

Take time to recognize a positive contribution from an individual. Most employees bring their heart into their work, it's even more the case when doing creative work. You can't imagine the impact your kind words can have in someone's life. If you want to see real engagement take time to give a thoughtful compliment and prepare to be amazed.

Celebrate Team Wins

In a scrum environment everything revolves around the team. There are very few things that get done without the entire team's involvement. When something goes well use that opportunity to give kudos to the team that brought it to bear.

Celebrate Organizational Wins

As your organization adopts agile ways of working you'll notice gradual improvements in a variety of areas. Take time to look back and reflect on where you've come from. I've seen leaders keep a transformation journal through the process starting with some of the challenges they want to correct and documenting the steps they took along the way and then highlighting wins and learnings. It's incredibly powerful to look back over 6-12 months and remember how much has changed and how things are actually improving despite whatever challenge the organization is currently facing.

Celebrating these wins in a thoughtful manner goes a long way to sustaining the culture and unlocking your ability to continue to build on those wins.


Danny Presten

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