Comic Agile - The why of going agile

#5 – The ‘Why’ of Going Agile

Authors comments:

Many of us agile evangelists are happy every time enterprises decide to introduce agile principles and practices. We know that this usually means a greater focus on customer needs, business value and employee engagement. However, when agile is adopted for the “wrong” reasons, the transformation effort will result in sub-par improvements..

So, it’s our responsibility to educate management in discovering their real ‘why’ for going agile and what they can expect will improve. If they expect to get fewer project change requests whilst staying in the usual waterfall environment, they’re going to get disappointed.

A pointer is to see if the managerial levels above the teams are not going to change any behaviour because of the “agile transformation”; if not, then the agile initiatives will probably still be evaluated based on the teams’ abilities to not break the Iron Triangle of scope, cost and time or other waterfall KPIs.

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