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What is is a community launched by for all agile practitioners. The goal for the community is to foster growth and development for you and your teams, which in turn improves results for products and companies. As you learn, you begin to really own the process and create sustained momentum in leading digital transformation. 


While there are many communities that you can join as an agile practitioner, offers several advantages for its members: 

  • You can filter and search content. is the only site that provides relevant content filtered based on your organization goal. You can quickly grab the information you need and get back to work. 

  • Join live, interactive small group meetings. Communities of practice sessions in small groups let you freely discuss your experiences, good and bad, and help you solve your real issues. 

  • Get help from your “Agile Ally.” We support you – whether you are a leader or a practitioner – with searchable content, live help, and discounts for leading certifications. You and your team can grow together professionally, providing direct benefits both personally and for your business objectives. 

How can support me and my organization? 

With nearly half of all agile transformations failing, we want to support you and bring that horrible statistic down! (47%, according to Why do projects fail? Research shows that it is caused by lack of strong leadership and decision making. While your initiative is unique, the problems and processes are not. 

Other agile groups have guest speakers and meetings, but the group’s leadership generally sets the topic, whether this is relevant to your specific role or not. Here, you are speaking and networking with others who share your issues. gets you the answers you need to solve your problems, not someone else’s issue of the day. gives you the right information when you need it by bringing experts and peers with similar requirements together: 

  • Asynchronous online forums. Filter and search all our forum content. If you have something to say – please do! You’ll grow your leadership and in your confidence. If you have a lot to say, contact us about becoming a community Ambassador

  • Live community discussions. Get together with a few peers in a non-recorded, frank discussion about issues that matter to you. Our discussions focus on practice areas so that you can learn from true peers in your role within your organization. 

Speaking of professional development, as a member of the community, you can get discounts on industry-recognized certifications. 

What resources can I leverage/access? provides communities of practice, which means that you will get the answers that are relevant to you and your business. 

  • Small, live peer-to-peer meetings led by seasoned professionals that let you exchange ideas freely without fearing that they will be recorded and come back to haunt you. 

  • One-on one mentoring. 

  • Community forum that lets you post questions and crowdsource from peers who’ve been in similar situations. 

  • Online Q&A as well as a searchable knowledge base give you tips when you are stuck with libraries of online resources including job aids, maturity assessments, and transformation playbooks. 

  • Learning paths and certification discounts, including live training for key agile roles provide long-term professional development for individuals. 

How do I get involved? 

We want to turn you into an active participant in furthering the conversation about agile development. You can get involved in the community in several ways: 

  • Post in the forum. Posting in the forum can take many forms. You can be an expert or completely new to agile. We’d love to hear from you either way. Be bold -- post a question. Chances are someone else is thinking about this, too. Show others some love and engage with their questions and ideas. 

  • Attend a Community of Practice (CoP) event. Join us for Live Events! You can get a lot from watching videos, but interactivity is so much better. Get your feet wet with a large event, which is a presentation with Q&As, then move onto our small group discussions with capped attendance where you are expected to participate. 

  • Become a community Ambassador. If you are ready to answer more questions than you pose, you might be a great candidate for our Ambassador program. Reach out so we can discuss: If you know someone who is like this… 

How do I get more help from Agile experts? 

In addition to live, interactive events, on-demand learning paths and a searchable knowledge base are at your fingertips, 24/7. 

Learning Paths offer two tracks: one for Leaders and a second for Teams. 

Our Knowledge Base offers so many ways to find just the information you need. You can filter by keyword, your role, a topic area, and the type of content. 

Can we count on support for our chosen agile framework? 

Frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, and the Spotify Model all have success stories to tell. We can help you evaluate the best elements of each. All are worth studying, but ultimately what’s important is that you define the framework that works for your own organization, starting with individual teams and scaling up to the Team of Teams level. 

How will work with our internal Center of Excellence? 

If your organization has created a Center of Excellence for agile, congratulations – but you still will want to compare notes with other organizations. Helping members’ organizations set up and mature COEs is a key mission for 

How can help my team? 

We can partner with your agile and scrum teams, or a center of excellence within your organization to help you reach your goals. We have world's leading agile experts, coaches, trainers, and partner ecosystem to help you and your teams adopt the practices and metrics necessary to scale agile successfully using SAFe, Scrum of Scrums, Spotify, or any other methodology you are looking to adopt. 

Additionally, we have a broad set of implementation and business value consulting partners across the globe. 

We offer comprehensive training to help you connect your agile practices to broader value stream management goals that translate into business results. And we are investing heavily in developing a global partner network of like-minded firms. 

Ambassador Program 

If you already are an agile leader and are eager to share what you know with the community, reach out to find out if becoming part of our community Ambassador program is right for you. If you find you are answering more questions than you pose, you might be a great fit. If you know someone who fits the bill, you can recommend them, and we will contact them directly. 


This community has been created by for leaders and practitioners in the agile space. Making this community work requires honest discussions. That means taking your privacy seriously. is GDPR compliant. When you sign up, the only information that people in small group discussions or the forum will see is your username, so choose wisely! No email or other contact information will ever be shared. 

How do I get my team involved? 

While we are so glad that you are here, when the rest of your team is engaged in learning and growing with you, your results can be accelerated. Contact us to have us register your whole team at once. 

Who do I contact regarding questions about 

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, contact us at, and we’ll get back to you. If your question’s answer might help others, it might even end up on this page. 

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